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Compilation of Classic TV Footage - Episode 8

Published 2012

The eighth edition of this series compiling clips from various public domain television series, as well as some vintage commercials. I'm not sure if this series is a good idea or not...any comments or advice would be welcome. (note: I'm pretty certain the 1910s composition "Ballin' the Jack" is public domain. If not, then I'll re-upload this video without the clip of Dagmar singing it)

Run time 29 minutes 26 seconds
Producer Matthew Paul Argall
Audio/Visual sound, black and white/color


Excerpt from "Mama" episode "Nel's Summer Camp" (1954, CBS)
Commercial for 409 Bathroom Cleaner (from Prelinger Section)
Commercial for Sanka coffee (1963, this episode was taken from "The Andy Griffith Show")
Excerpt from "The Frank Sinatra Show" (1951, CBS) with Dagmar singing "Ballin' the Jack"
Frosted Flakes commercial (1959, this is taken from "Dennis the Menace")
Except from "The Betty White Show" episode "Vacation" (1958, ABC)
Commercial for Polaroid (1965) (taken from "The Munsters")
Closing from "Pass the Line" (unsold television pilot from 1954. One of the worst unsold pilots I have ever seen)
Commercial for White Rain shampoo (1954, taken from "The Tony Martin Show")
Excerpt from "Cavalcade of Stars" (1950, DuMont) (only fragment survives, combined with footage from another episode)
Excerpt from "Your Hit Parade" (1955, NBC)
Commercial for Life Cereal (1967, taken from "Bewitched")

"The Andy Griffith Show", "Dennis the Menace", "The Munsters" and "Bewitched" are copyrighted and cannot be uploaded here. All other shows mentioned (including "The Tony Martin Show") are public domain and can be download on here.

People who appear in the clips shown: Dick Van Patten, Frank Sinatra, Dagmar, Thurl Ravenscroft (voice), Betty White, Cliff Saber, Gali-Gali the Magician, Debbie Drake, and many many others.

Edited with Videopad editing software.

All shows shown are from the United States of America. Wish I could find clips from other countries!! Well, I've got two shows that I could take clips from for use in a later video....

Some content taken from DVD-Rs I bought from "Shokus Video".

"Compilation of Classic TV Footage" series was created & produced by the autistic Matthew Paul Argall, born 1990 and living in Australia.

I hope the day comes when I can use clips from my favourite show of today (clue: it features a knucklehead ninja)...but I'll probably be dead before it becomes public domain. So I guess I'll never use clips from it.


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